Easier Analytics through Automation

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Easier Analytics through Automation

With the endless possibilities to visualize data in tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, you want to tweak data in different directions. You want to access more
data sources too, maybe with the help of IT but mostly without having to wait for them or the assistance of external consultants. When different users access data
sources in different ways, you see data quality issues emerge, resulting in conflicting reports. You and your colleagues end up with silos of extractions and

Multiple business users seeking data from multiple sources can put an organization at risk and could even result in fines due to non-compliance to regulations such as GDPR. Self-service tools can be powerful ways to rapidly create needed change. But just as a chainsaw is a more powerful — yet more dangerous — tool than an axe, if left unsupervised, powerful self-service tools
could cause unintended damage. With great power comes great responsibility, so you need someone knowledgeable to manage your BI tool as well as monitor both the data and data users.

Clearly there is room for improvement. You want to make better business decisions in a shorter time by having better access to sources without such data
quality issues. What you really want is trueself-service analytics in an agile and governed manner.

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solution that lets you easily merge data from a wide variety of data sources into a single version of the truth.



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