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'Mindful Recharge' in Business

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We invite you to join our FREE monthly 20 minutes Mindful Monday recharge training

Why join?
You should join these sessions if you want to learn the basics of mindfulness and and principles for effectiveness in business and in life. Recent research on mindfulness shows that meditation sharpens skills like attention, decision-making, memory, concentration, and emotional intelligence. 

By joining the mindfulness recharge session you are investing 20 minutes every week to stay focused, effective, connected, and settle your thoughts. TimeXtender employees have been a part of these sessions for a year and have personally experienced the positive outcomes. All recharge training sessions are online, so no matter where you are, you can easily tune in. What is more, they are guided by TimeXtender’s experienced mindfulness instructor and '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' facilitator Jamie Andrea Mathis, see below. 


What to expect 
You’ll get a deeper understanding of mindfulness and the principles of effectiveness which is key to personal and interpersonal growth and success. You'll experience light mindfulness exercises such as mediation and simple calming and clarifying breathing techniques to increase focus and effectiveness and prevent stress and loss of perspective. Any previous experience with mindfulness is not necessary. Jamie will guide you through the exercises.


How and when to join
Sign up below. Once signed up, you can use the same link once or every Monday at your convenience. Save the link in your Outlook calendar and use it to join the recharge every first Monday of the month. When you join, your microphone will be muted, your video disabled and your name will remain anonymous. But you’ll be able to see and hear Jamie, your mindfulness instructor.

The recharge sessions are every Monday and FREE of charge and obligation
PST 11.50 am – 12.10 pm.
CEST 8.50 pm – 9.10 pm.

If you missed a session, don't worry. You can always join in the next session. You can cancel your registration at any time.

What to do?
Find yourself a place where you’ll not be disturbed and turn off your phone and device notifications. Are you in an open workspace? Just use your headphones. For some of the exercises you may want to lie down on a mat or a blanket – or you can choose to sit on a chair or on a couch, where you feel more comfortable.

Enjoy your recharge!

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About Jaime Andrea Mathis

Jamie Mathis teaches mindfulness, meditation, yoga and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People because experience and science prove they foster health, balance, and resilience.Jamie has been a 7 Habits and mindfulness coach at TimeXtender for the last 2 years and is teaches online in open Monday Recharge classes the first Monday in every month. 


About TimeXtender

TimeXtender inspires quality business decisions with data, mind and heart.

Yes, we're a software company. However, mindfulness in business is part of our DNA, so we have time. Time to focus and make the right decisions, for the business, the organization, the global network of partners and customers we serve. Ultimately, to be an inspiration for a better world. 

At TimeXtender we work to make the complex simple and to automate all that can be automated in the data discovery lifecycle. Put it simply we improve time to business insights and data-driven decision-making. With Discovery Hub® from TimeXtender, you can get to clarity sooner and make quality decisions faster. 

We do this for one simple reason. Because time matters.