TDWI  report: Seven Best Practices for Adopting Data Warehouse Automation

Increase speed and agility with Data Warehouse Automation 

Applying agile development methodologies to data warehousing delivers a number of benefits: quicker development and movement into production, faster time to value, reduced start-up and overhead costs, and simplified access for business users.

"We are rapidly moving away from the monolithic, single-system enterprise data warehouse and toward a hybrid environment that uses the most appropriate technologies to address specific data challenges." 
TDWI Report: Seven Best Practises for Adopting Data Warehouse Automation


Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) does more than just eliminate tedious work

DWA can have a major impact on your business by automating processes used in your standard data warehouse. From reducing risk to slashing development time and freeing up talent to work on generating business value - DWA offers a broad range of possibilities for improving your KPI's. Data Warehouse Automation refers to the categoriy of tools used to automate and accelerate the process of designing, building, deploying and managing data warehouse systems. Read more in this FREE report.

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