Webinar: GDPR, BI and Analytics - 
Your way to proven, powerful compliance

Wednesday 21 February 11:00 - 12:00 CET

As a Business Analyst or Data Scientist, do you want to power up your visualisations with more, higher quality data in order to meet ever-changing requirements as well as GDPR compliance?

As an IT or BI specialist, do you want to supply your business with agile data that’s also secure by better managing an increasing number of data sources and data environments that cover GDPR business needs?


In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • [Data preparation] How to maximize the benefits for your Analytics and BI
  • [GDPR] How smart data management and preparation helps with GDPR
  • [Use Case] How the world’s oldest film studio, Nordisk Film, produces reliable BI reports in minutes to enable prompt, data-driven decisions
  • [Compliance] How Nordisk Film are successfully traveling the road towards GDPR compliance

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  • Timm Grosser, Analyst, BARC
  • Mikkel Hansen, Systems Finance Manager, Nordisk Film

In this webinar, Timm Grosser, Senior Analyst Data Management from BARC, presents the main results from the survey 'Data Preparation – Refining Raw Data into Value’, where over 695 BI professionals across a range of global industries gave their input to the conditions, benefits and challenges of data preparation. Timm Grosser elaborates on how data preparation is a key discipline to become GDPR compliant for BI and Analytics. He also shows how Business and IT can join their efforts using modern technology to obtain this goal. 

Mikkel Hansen, Systems Finance Manager, Nordisk Film, shares best practices on data preparation for BI and Analytics. Nordisk Film is the leading Scandinavian entertainment company and part of the Egmont Group, managing large amounts of personal data gathered from cinema tickets and gift cards as well as live event ticket and cinema loyalty clubs. Altogether, it takes data from more than 500 systems for the purpose of BI and Analytics.

Nordisk Film embarked on their journey to GDPR compliance last summer. It is now well placed to answer their customers’ questions such as: “How do you use my data and for what purposes?”

Learn some valuable lessons from Nordisk Film’s enterprise-wide approach, as well as how our innovative solution, Discovery Hub®, helps Nordisk Film to make better business decisions faster and become GDPR compliant.


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