Discovery Hub®

Analytical Platform - Powered by Automation and AI
Providing instant access to data, for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 
Enabling quality decisions with data, mind and heart.



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Analytical Platform - Powered by Automation and AI

Data is generated at an ever-increasing rate. Tech analysts have estimated that the amount of data doubles every two years.

Companies struggle to provide their employees with the necessary data needed for accurate, quality analytics, which ultimately hinders its ability to gain insight on market conditions and company operations.

When different users access data sources in different ways, you see data quality issues emerge, resulting in conflicting reports.

Read more about how Discovery Hub® is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that lets you easily merge data from any data source into a single source of the truth. With TimeXtender Discovery Hub platform, your data preparation is automated, leaving you more time for meaningful analysis and less time spent on meticulous data coding.



  • From Patchwork to Platform
  • Three Times the Data Access, One Version of the Truth
  • Benefits and ROI
  • Analytical platform powered by automation and AI

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