A Reference Architecture
for Self-Service Analytics
- Balancing Agility and Governance

By Wayne Eckerson with Barry Devlin




A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics

The reports features a number of great quotes about the challenges between business and IT and about why self-service analytics is not enough. 

“… self-service analytics is not easy to achieve.  Many companies that have deployed self-service analytics have become inundated by a tsunami of conflicting reports, spreadmarts, renegade reporting systems, and other data silos.”

“In the resulting data chaos, executives can’t get straight answers to simple questions such as “How many customer do we have?”


  • The Age of Self Service: Promise and Peril
  • Reference Architecture
  • Business Users and Developers
  • Self Service versus Silver Service
  • Enterprise versus Grassroots Governance
  • Information Supply Chain
  • Technology
  • Putting it All Together

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