A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics

Balancing Agility and Governance

A new report by the Eckerson Group in collaboration with consultant Barry Devlin

Eckerson_Report_Ref_Arch_SSBI.pngWe live in a self-service age, and new technologies have extended that capacity to Business Intelligence (BI). But with that democratized access to data comes some challenges, including:

  • Conflicting reports can create a Tower of Babel where everyone talks but no one communicates
  • Time-consuming tailoring is required for output to every individual user in the organization
  • Standardization is required to deliver customized reporting that is accurate company-wide

Who should read this report:

  • Business users including data consumers, explorers and analysts who want accuracy and control
  • IT executives desiring more collaboration with business users and a more elegant solution
  • Developers DBAs, data engineers and business and application developers who will benefit from a more collaborative self-service workflow

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