Data Warehouse Automation Tools
Product Categories and Positioning

By Wayne Eckerson, Eckerson Group




Data Warehouse Automation Tools
Product Categories and Positioning

Data warehouse automation {DWA) tools eliminate the manual effort required to design, deploy and operate a data warehouse. By providing an integrated development environment, DWA tools enable developers and business users to collaborate around designs and iteratively create data warehouses and data marts. This turns data warehouse development from a laborious, time consuming exercise into an agile one.

There are four DWA tools in the market today. One primary distinction between the tools is their approach to designing data warehouses. Some follow a model-driven approach, others a data-driven approach. Another distinction is the data warehouse platforms they support. Some focus on just one platform, others support multiple platforms. Beyond these two attributes, there are many other factors that customers should consider before purchasing a DWA product.


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